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  • Kwanzaa 2014
    2 months ago by Susan Froyd

    There’s a holiday for everyone, and in parts of the African-American community, today marks Umoja. It’s the first of seven days of Kwanzaa, which kicks off with a nod to unity and, in Denver’s Five Points community...

  • Taking Aim
    3 months ago by Susan Froyd

    A few years ago, the LIDA Project proved that an issue-based series of connected performances in peoples’ living rooms could attract a healthy audience; the six-part Now I Lay Me Dawn to Sleep, which focused on health care, wa...

  • Star Light
    3 months ago

    When the Starz Denver Film Festival starts to roll tonight for its 37th year, diversity will be the first thing you notice: The 2014 edition not only features a variety of red-carpet celebrity events (Victor Levin’s 5 to 7 and...

  • Celebrate the Arts
    4 months ago by Susan Froyd

    The paradox of Denver Arts Week is this: Do we really need to set aside a special week to celebrate what happens in Denver every other week of the year as well? The answer is yes. The fact that our city is teeming with galleries, mu...

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