Choose High on Life at Lumonics on 4/20

If your main objective on 4/20 is to get as blitzed as possible, well, there are plenty of options out there. But if you're thinking that this year you might want to elevate your consciousness instead of merely getting high, then the Choose High on Life bash at Lumonics should be your preferred destination this evening. It's a collaboration among Lynnzi Winslow and several local powerhouses spanning different subgenres, including Brett Starr, Hazy Meadow, Ishe (pictured), Rescue and Scienteist, all of whom will be emphasizing freedom, community and full self-expression through their music. A portion of the proceeds from every High on Life event is donated to a local nonprofit; this round, Design for Living Recovery Center, which offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, will be the beneficiary. Head to Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery on Friday, April 20, for all the dubstep, house, minimal and more that your ears (and eyes) can stand.


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