Ten great punk songs about going vegetarian

Activism and punk rock aren't always bedfellows -- it used to be nihilism and punk rock -- but in the case of animal rights, the two are like vegetarian burritos and cheap beer, truly wonderful and best enjoyed in the company of friends. Today is World Vegetarian Day, so if you need a little motivation to go meatless all day long, these songs may not just help you get through the day without a burger, but cause you to change your ways for good, as they've done for so many others.

10. "Chicken Squawk" by MDC

"I don't eat roast beef or fish "Porky Pig is not my dish "Just go ahead and let your chickens be."

9. "Anarcho Pie!" by Oi Polloi

"Let's make a tasty anarcho-pie "Ace vegan food for you and I"

8. "Vegan Revolution Draft Dodger Anthem" by Good Clean Fun

"I think fur is a crime, I protest all the time "You should see all my bumper stickers "That 'Firestorm' song sure gets me singing along "My righteousness never flickers"

7. "Death Camps" by the Cro-Mags

"Execution without a trial "Think about that for a while "The day they're doomed they're doomed to be killed "So your foul desires can be fulfilled."

6. "Civilized Man" by Shelter

"There's a war in the day no peace at night "There's blood on the hands of man yet we don't sympathize "The meateater kills the cows they just depersonalize to justify "Their own lust as the helpless die "And it's ironic how we cry for world peace."

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