The Dojo

On Adaptation, Analog Suspect and Selecta Roswell, who oversee the Dojo collective's inner sanctum, have invited some of Denver's up-and-coming sound manipulators into their temple to re-envision tracks culled from the act's debut, Subliminal Teachings, and the instrumental offering Everything Flows. The result is a meditative poem that traffics in dub, trip-hop and found sounds from films and the Far East. The remixes allow each song to breathe, as on DJ Dnile's chill remix of "Animals," or to discombobulate, which happens when This Will Hurt You attacks "Metropolis 2004." The Dojo's vision of a polyglot hip-hop meshes well on "Shadow Warrior,"with McPullish giving the track a DJ Krush/Lee Perry makeover, and on the aptly titled "Bombin on the Great Wall," which features Undefiable MC and the Verse. This first installation in a series of promised collaborations is a vibrant excavation into the deep potentialities of the Dojo's music.


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