The Seven Best Music Podcasts in Denver — 2016 Edition

Now well into 2016, we’ve reached a time where anyone with a microphone can host him own podcast. Denver has become a hub for podcasts, with subjects ranging from poop to beer and everything in between. Last month we introduced you to the Ten Essential Denver Podcasts of 2016, and as we prepare for Best of Denver 2016, we’d like to point out some of our favorite music-related podcasts hiding out in the airwaves.
7. Behind the Scene
Behind the Scene, on, is hosted by Shon Cobbs, who, as a member of Plume Varia and city leader of Sofar Sounds, knows just about everybody in Denver music. Cobbs uses an intimate, in-depth interview format — the chats take place on his cozy patio accompanied by baked goods and beer — to spotlight members of Denver's music community who might not necessarily appear on stage. Recent episodes include interviews with Scott LaBarbera of the Oriental Theater, Fort Collins MC QBala and current and former music editors of Westword. 

6. Ask a Punk
Yeah, yeah...we see it, too. "Indiana talkcore." The podcast may be broadcast in Indiana, but the recently transplanted dudes are based in Denver, which means you can pick it up here, and it definitely makes our list. Almost fifty episodes deep, hosts Jay. P and Josh Z. talk punk and posers each week. Catch them at or download all of their podcast episodes from iTunes. 

5. Bits & Pieces
Calling all music lovers/gamers/techies and general “cultural enthusiasts” — Bits & Pieces may be just what you’re looking for. Hosted by Denverites Matt Duncan and Michael Edwards, Bits & Pieces examines trends in the music industry from the perspective of musicians. The hosts keep their listeners engaged by adding show notes from each episode, along with a Spotify playlist. As a bonus, Bits & Pieces is a part of the Sunrise Robot podcast network; there are five other podcasts to choose from if you’d like to do some exploring. Check out to listen to Bits & Pieces online.

4. Mostly Harmless
If there’s one dude going above and beyond for Denver’s punk scene, it’s Dammit Damian (Burford). With the help of a few beers — this month, Ratio Beerworks, specifically — the host of the Mostly Harmless podcast talks punk, life and other tough stuff with local bands, comedians and other people in Denver’s local arts community. Mostly Harmless started as a zine before becoming Denver’s only punk-rock talk podcast. Podcast episodes are available online at or on iTunes.

3. These Things Matter 
They may not be 100 percent music-focused, but, hey, hosts Taylor Gonda and Kevin O’Brien get to talk about whatever the hell they want, and it turns out that music accounts for 40 percent of their topics. For the podcast’s third anniversary show, the two put together a “supergroup” of musicians who had previously been guests on the show for a concert, and next month, as These Things Matter celebrates its fourth year, the “band” is getting back together for Bowie covers. Listen at

2. Welcome to Denver
What do you get when you mix beer, bands and general over-the-top comedy? The answer is the Welcome to Denver podcast. Former out-of-towner and comedian Cory Helie has a good time talking Denver with his guests, and more often than not, he’s talking the ins and outs of the city with people involved in the music industry, from bands like In the Whale and Safe Boating Is No Accident to talking “Green Day Gentrification” with Paul Epstein, the owner of Twist & Shout Records. Podcasts are available on iTunes or in the Libsyn player.

1. The Eddie, Jason and Chris Show
Denver may be late to this party, but the rest of the country has been in on it for years. The Eddie, Jason and Chris Show, broadcast on, is a weekly music podcast with an average 70,000 people listening nationally. Denver natives Eddie Barella, Jason Newcomer and Chris Barr have been interviewing bands like the Vandals, X Ambassadors and the Dead Milkmen for over a decade on their podcast, as well as taking their interviews to the street when the opportunity arises. Catch the dudes live on Monday nights at 6 p.m. on, or download their podcast episodes from iTunes. Visit their site at

Bonus: Welcome to Rock Island
Before wrapping up your musical-podcast tour of Denver, be sure to check out Welcome to Rock Island. While the podcast is sadly coming to an end as one of the hosts, Westword contributor Isa Jones, leaves the Mile High City, its archives will give you the closest thing to a Denver-music education course you’re ever going to get. Hosted by two veteran Denver journalists, Bree Davies and Jones, Welcome to Rock Island features guests from the Denver music industry who examine issues from festivals to touring to DIY. 
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Lauren Archuletta is a contributor for Westword's arts section, covering Denver's health and wellness scene. Follow her work for tips on cheap workouts and which yoga classes include mimosas and beer.