The ten best family-friendly rap albums

The ten best family-friendly rap albums
Antonio Valenzuela

Although lot of rap these days is riddled with violence, misogyny and profanity, there are still plenty of clean rhymes out there to be rocked by the entire family, should you be so inclined. And it all comes worry-free with regard to any ill effects it might have on impressionable minds. Some of it, improbably, even ranks among the very best rap ever crafted. Keep reading for the ten best family-friendly rap albums.

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10. Lecrae - Rehab Yes, the potential in Christian rap for corn is almost overwhelming, but Lecrae is righteous in just the right ways. He avoids preachiness for the most part because of his subtlety. His rap is more about his life than religion; he just happens to be a devout Christian. Besides that, Lecrae is a talented rapper whose technical skill goes far beyond passable -- and because his subject matter is obviously very near to his heart, his passion is palpable.

9. Will Smith - Big Willie Style Rakim may be the God MC, but Will Smith is the daytime TV Jesus. Rap music doesn't get much more neighborly than this. The closest Will gets to racy is weak innuendo -- a li'l rub-a-dub in the middle of the club. From calls for world unity on "Miami" to ballads of familial love on "Just the Two of Us," you'd have to have the fun police on speed dial to keep the Fresh Prince from your kids.

8. Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory Just because Chamillionaire is the rapper known for "Ridin' Dirty" doesn't mean he's writing dirty. "Ridin'" isn't on Ultimate Victory, but the album features tracks that are similarly about being misunderstood by people outside of hip-hop, like the police and the media. Ultimate Victory is probably not an album parents are going to want to listen to, but it is an album parents should want their kids to listen to, because it is positive, thought-provoking and notable for its complete lack of profanity.

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