The ten best Southern metal bands

The ten best Southern metal bands

Because of the relentless, pounding humidity and heat, a different kind of anger boils in the veins of Southern metal cowpokes. Southern metal is at all times heavy, like metal should be, but it's also lethargic at times, with a sweet tea in hand, sitting on the porch, and sometimes it's wild with beer while off-roading, or bluesy, with all its exes living in Texas. These bands have the dirtiest and most calloused hands in the metal world, spitting out a brand of attitude unlike the rest of the country. Keep reading for the ten best Southern metal bands.

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10. Texas Hippie Coalition

THC is bringing Southern metal to a whole new generation of metal kiddos like an eighteen-wheeler full of ninety-ounce steaks barreling down a dusty highway to a Texas barbecue. If ZZ Top, Pantera and Black Label Society could remember the lovechild they created back in the '90s, it would be the redheaded-stepchild trailer-trash stoner-groove metal men of THC.

9. Goatwhore

As nasty as a pissed-on rotting carpet, Goatwhore fucks your ears with blackened death metal gutted and smoked from the bowels of New Orleans. Goatwhore is the afterbirth of the beloved darlings of Acid Bath, but completely drained of its sludge-metal chug-along, and full of coal-burning, driving speed metal. Not as legendary and groundbreaking as its predecessors in New Orleans, but ferocious enough to let out your inner foul animal.

8. Corrosion of Conformity

From farther north than most Southern metal, but far enough below the Mason-Dixon Line that they wouldn't get labeled as "damn Yankees," Corrosion of Conformity spits out a sludge metal as ill-tempered as a Carolina Mudcat. COC was one of the few Southern metal bands to make it on mainstream radio, while still recording black-and-blue B-sides with a Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde guise.

7. Black Label Society

Created in another part of the country in California -- worlds away from the South, Black Label Society captures the soul of Southern metal, unleashing an alcohol-fueled, sludgy groove metal with the cornerstone of Zakk Wylde. The radio couldn't handle this eighty-proof handle of BLS, and it wouldn't do it justice, either, because with the band's raw, hair-whipping-on-the-open-road and my-way-or-the-highway attitude, hearing the band live is the only way to go.

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