The ten shittiest nu metal bands

The ten shittiest nu metal bands

Nu metal is the non-alcoholic beer of metal. Why waste your time? Altering, developing and tweaking metal is fine (see sludge or progressive metal), but nu metal strips away everything that is good about metal and somehow makes it sound tepid and miserable, with generic words describing the collective dejection. Here's the ten shittiest nu metal bands.

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10. Staind

Staind as in shit stained skid marks of Fat Bastard's underwear in the middle of summer. Not only are they musicians that don't know how to spell, they also don't know how to sing about anything else except bitching about their lives. Music geared towards teenagers sucks ball sacks to anyone who isn't a teenager. Frontman Aaron Lewis is one of the only nu metal musicians who actually knows how to sing, which makes him an idiot for wasting his voice on such a shitty band. He should have just stuck with doing acoustic shows.

9. Korn

With its first two and a half albums, Korn was experimenting with a new metal sound. Who knew it was going to turn into a soundtrack for kids whose parents grounded them for whatever heinous atrocities it is that suburban teens commit. This isn't the first music to be run into the ground for record labels to make money, but it was definitely the worst.

8. Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit honed their craft at generating generic lyrics, "Give me something to break. How 'bout your fucking face." Something? I hate things and stuff, I want to break some stuff. I hate stuff. I want to break things. Limp Bizkit broke into the mainstream with a cover of George Michael's "Faith," and eventually even their fans figured out that they suck and stuff.

7. Godsmack

If a metalhead asks you what kind of bands you like and you say Godsmack, expect them to pour a whole can of PBR on your head. Godsmack is one of the leaders of shit metal that gets overplayed on the radio. If God smacks anybody, it should be them.

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