Tripp Nasty Orchestra

Tom Murphy

With the focused intensity of Friedrich Nietzsche, Tripp Nasty leads his avant chamber orchestra through a variety of classical musical styles. Instead of adhering to the compositions of yesteryear, though, Tripp composes and arranges his own music, which is reminiscent of Thin Blue Line-era Philip Glass and Glenn Branca. While it's tempting to link the Tripp Nasty Orchestra to Dirty Three or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, really the act is more kindred to experimental indie outfits such as Denver's now-defunct Zombie Zombie or the more outré explorations of Jad Fair. There's a conceptual grandeur to the Orchestra's songs, and yet the material never comes across as pretentious. Instead, it brings high-minded musical concepts into the underground, where they're integrated with DIY sensibilities and end up accessible and fun. Tripp Nasty Orchestra almost always plays at non-mainstream venues, but this Friday, May 18, for one night only, you can see the group at Carioca Cafe (aka Bar Bar), with Milton Melvin Croissant III, Pictureplane and Witch Doctor.

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