FBI Backflipper's Gun Fires at Mile High Spirits: Twenty Craziest Tweets

The moment the FBI agent's gun discharged at Mile High Spirits Distillery early Saturday morning.
The moment the FBI agent's gun discharged at Mile High Spirits Distillery early Saturday morning. Denver7
Here's an easy way to get a video to go viral.

First, find an FBI agent capable of doing a backflip — and make sure he's armed.

Then put him in the middle of the dance floor at a hip watering hole — like, say, Mile High Spirits Distillery in Denver's Ballpark neighborhood — and make sure cell phones are recording when he busts his move.

And accidentally busts a cap into an innocent bystander.

The incident took place at approximately 12:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 2, and by the next day,  the social-media explosion that accompanied the clip had spread to the mainstream news media nationwide.

As evidence, eyeball this ABC News report, tagged "Danger on the Dance Floor."

The story is continuing to spread today. But as amusing as it is to watch network anchors grapple with this material, the reactions of Twitter users are even more interesting.

Plenty of commenters have offered takes that are all in fun. But lots of others are using the opportunity to equate the episode to matters of serious debate, including firearms safety and the idea of arming teachers in classrooms.

Our favorite? A reaction that references President Donald Trump and fired FBI director James Comey.

Nicely played, Twitter. Count down our twenty most memorable tweets about the thus-far-unnamed agent's (almost) lethal choreography below.

Number 20:
Number 19:
Number 18:
Number 17:
Number 16:
Number 15:
Number 14:
Number 13:
Number 12:
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