Reader: Former DA Mary Lacy is the one who was touched

"How an Indictment Became an 'Exoneration,'" Alan Prendergast, October 31

Colder in Boulder

Alan Prendergast's assessment of the Boulder District Attorney's Office's "exoneration" of John and Patsy Ramsey for the death of their daughter JonBenét was the clearest account I've read yet. And I was particularly moved by the last line of his piece: "But every once in a while, a flash of something dark and brutal and inexplicable, like all child murders, can be glimpsed through the rubble."

Thanks to Prendergast and the few other journalists who have continued to dig through that rubble for the truth.
Sarah Hawkins


John Ramsey

"Touch" DNA? Seems like former DA Mary Lacy is the one who was touched. She should be charged for writing that letter exonerating the Ramseys.
Henry Stein

I've said it before: Bet anyone anywhere $18 that any article of clothing they have on right now has "unknown" DNA on it.
Scott R. Shriver
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"Saving Jackson," Alan

Prendergast, October 17

Take Heart

I read "Saving Jackson" this morning. A colleague of mine left Westword on my chair when she saw the cover story. I have a two-year-old boy named Abbott who was born with CHD — specifically, tetralogy of fallot with severe pulmonary atresia. Before the age of twelve months, Abbott had two open-heart surgeries and numerous other procedures.

CHD is the number-one birth defect, but it receives the least funding in a search for a cure. Reading the article brought awareness of this disease to many people. When reading about the financial struggles that this family is experiencing, I was hoping you could pass on the knowledge that they will qualify for the Colorado Life Limiting Waiver. From what was described of their child's care, they would qualify for this waiver that will provide Medicaid for their child. It is a tedious process to complete the massive amount of paperwork, but it is well worth it.

Thank you for an article that truly highlighted the battle that parents of children with CHD go through every second of every day.
Elizabeth Stephens

Ask a Stoner, William Breathes, October 31

Meth and Match

If someone is all "blown out on meth" and not affecting me or my family, then who are they hurting? Themselves? Well, that's their choice. Who am I to determine what they put into their body? Now, if that person gets behind the wheel, arrest them for DUI. If that person eats someone's face off, arrest them for assault. Is it really that difficult? We tend to blame the substance and not the person for their actions.
Marc Khan
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