Ten Local Nonprofits That Will Need Help During a Trump Presidency

The days after Donald Trump's victory were tumultuous at best, violent at worst. Protests raged in cities around the country; hate crimes were committed in Trump's name against the different groups he threatened — outright or otherwise — during the election, including but not limited to ethnic, racial and religious minorities and women; and effigies of the president-elect were burned and beaten.

It's enough to leave anyone, Trump supporter or not, feeling disheartened and empty of hope for a united United States.

But instead of channeling your anger and hopelessness into a Facebook status update or ten cocktails, consider giving your time and money to local nonprofits that fight for and defend the very things that make this country truly great. Here are ten worthy examples.

1. Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network
RMIAN provides pro bono legal defense for immigrants in deportation hearings. Find out more and make your donation at RMIAN.org.

2. Casa de Paz
Casa de Paz volunteers collect recently released detainees at the Denver Contract Detention Facility and provide them with temporary shelter, meals, clothing, a phone to call their families and emotional support. Don't miss our recent cover story about this organization, and visit its website to find out how you can donate your time and money.

3. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
Although Trump has since backpedaled (sort of) on his vow to end the Affordable Care Act, it's anyone's guess if he'll actually maintain the health-insurance program, which serves 22 million people. Supporting nonprofits like PPRM, which provides health-care services for low-income men and women, is more important now than ever. Find out more about the local chapter of Planned Parenthood here.

4. Denver Homeless Out Loud
DHOL focuses on finding homeless individuals housing, giving them a voice through a locally circulated magazine, encoding their rights and providing basic needs, like showers and laundry services. Learn how to get involved and donate at DHOL's website.

5. Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
Made up of convicted criminals and their families, as well as survivors of crimes, CCJRC fights for a more just criminal-justice system through a free legal clinic and policy advocacy. Find out more at CCJRC's website.

6. Lighthouse Writers Workshop
Art — supporting it, creating it — is imperative, especially in the face of an administration that could de-prioritize arts funding. Lighthouse Writers Workshop helps budding writers shape their voices and put pain, anger, love and loss to words. Donate to LWW and sign up for classes here.

7. Youth on Record
YOR empowers 1,000 local at-risk teens by seeing them through high school and into college or the workforce. It provides a safe space for teens who otherwise live in chaos, and introduces them to the arts. Learn more and donate here.

8. Blue Bench
Blue Bench aims to curb sexual assault through education and advocates for sexual-assault survivors. Visit the Blue Bench website to find out more.

9. ACLU of Colorado
Perhaps no single group draws the ire of presidential administrations, both conservative and liberal, more than the American Civil Liberties Union, and this election is no different. Promising to be a thorn in Trump's side, the ACLU's executive director issued a statement following the election urging him to reconsider some of his constitutionally questionable campaign promises. Contribute to the legal-services provider and civil-liberties champion's local chapter here.

10. Black Lives Matter 5280
Born of recent incidents of police brutality against African Americans, the Black Lives Matter movement champions for the black community — and then some. The local BLM chapter recently joined Sioux leaders in North Dakota who are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Donate to BLM 5280 here.
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