Update: Ten Denver Neighborhoods With Highest Rent for a 2-Bedroom Apartment

Earlier this year, we shared a list of the ten most expensive Denver neighborhoods to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

The numbers were based on December 2014 figures assembled by

Now, has crunched a new set of numbers as part of its renter satisfaction survey, which drew upon the views of 18,000 renters nationwide, and the changes between December and April are striking.

For one thing, more than half the neighborhoods from December are no longer in the top ten. And while a two-bedroom apartment in the tenth most-expensive Denver neighborhood in December was available for $1,100, number ten this time around will cost nearly $500 more.

There is a ray of sunshine, though. The most expensive neighborhood for renting a two-bedroom in December showed a median price of $2,790. The same neighborhood places first this time, too, but the price tag is more than $200 lower. Woo-hoo!

Count down the top ten below, followed by some of the main Denver findings from the renter satisfaction survey. To learn more. click here.

Number 10: Jefferson Park
Median Price for a 2 Bedroom: $1,600

Number 9: Whittier
Median Price for a 2 Bedroom: $1,680

Number 8: Stapleton
Median Price for a 2 Bedroom: $1,800

Number 7: Uptown
Median Price for a 2 Bedroom: $1,890

Number 6: Five Points
Median Price for a 2 Bedroom: $1,820

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