Breeality Bites

Adult eyes: Realizing how dirty Dirty Dancing really is, 26 years after my first viewing

I'm naive to a fault. Last week, when my car was hit for a third time in eighteen months (the second time it was creamed while parked in front of my house), I was naive enough to tell the insurance company the truth. They are now doing $2,700 worth of a repairs on a $1,900 car, one which I won't ever be able to sell because it has been in three accidents. I should have lied.

But I've come to understand that my naïveté is just part of who I am -- it's the reason I've never been able to tell which of my friends does coke; I just assume no one really does it. Same goes for why I'm unsure if I've ever been cheated on: I can't imagine that happens, though it does everyday, to people I care about.

And when I watched Dirty Dancing this past weekend for the first time since childhood, I saw how far back my blindness toward adult behavior went -- all the way to 1987, when I was seven and I thought I fell in love with a movie about dancing.

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