American Humor

What do you mean, anorexia, homosexuality and alcoholism aren't funny?! They're damn funny! Look, there's the homophobic Pope, the apple-brandy-soaked Johnny Appleseed, and Ron the Ironic Anti-Semite. See them all at Right On, America, the irreverent comedy that premiered in Denver in 2000 and returns to the Avenue Theater starting tonight.

"A lot of the people who come will end up identifying with something, and whether they want to laugh or not, they'll end up laughing," says the show's producer, Elgin Kelley. "After 2001, we felt Americans weren't ready to feel bad about America," says Kelley. "However, right about now, we're ready to laugh at ourselves again."

The overarching story is as follows: A team of actors is hired to perform ten America-themed, infomercial-style sketches. However, instead of positive product placement, they're unknowingly performing — for example — skits in which the Pope sends superhero Catholic robots to get rid of "the gay" that has infected the drinking water. Meanwhile, a hired temp is the only cast member who sees what's really going on, and consequently becomes the voice of the audience (and reason). The fun starts at 10:30 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night through March 10 at the theater, 417 East 17th Avenue; tickets are $12. For more information, go to or call 303-321-5925.
Fridays, Saturdays, 10:30 p.m. Starts: Feb. 2. Continues through March 10

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Mark Dragotta