Angelina Jolie coked up? Life & Style takes it to a new level of sleaze

It's nothing new for tabloids to harp on the sad, messy lives of celebrities with rumor, conjecture and semi-credible sources, but generally the proceedings stay within the lines of who wore what scandalous bikini or who's getting a divorce from whom and cheating with another, or whatever. Less common is for tabloids, as Life & Style did today, to run an interview with a celebrity's "former drug dealer," as L&S refers to one Franklin Meyer, who alleges he sold cocaine and heroin to Angelina Jolie back in the late '90s. The evidence? A video of Jolie being hyperactive on Charlie Rose.

Far be it from us to deny the possibility that Angelina Jolie has ever been on cocaine or any other drug -- that she's a little unstable is well documented. Then again, that she does come off as a weirdo makes this video that much less credible; might she be coked up? Sure. But she might also just be a weirdo. Even so, sites from the pink-gossip-vomit Right Celebrity to even the more credible Gawker picked up the story, posing the uniform rhetorical question: "Is Angelina Jolie coked up in this interview?"

Geez, who cares? It was ten years ago, and even if she was, would she be, even by a long shot, the first person to appear on Charlie Rose's show on coke?

As for Meyer, his only evidence that he in fact was Jolie's drug dealer seems to be his claim that he was -- which, incidentally, we also were. Right after Meyer. We sold PCP and black-market Ambien to Angelina Jolie. See how that works?

And Meyer really lays it on, too. Don't think she's a bad person just for doing blow and going on Charlie Rose? Try this on for size, from L&S's online teaser for the interview:

"She would say to me, 'I think I would really like to adopt a kid.' I was shocked.... In the middle of the drugs and the knives, she'd be talking about wanting to adopt a child," Franklin tells Life & Style.

Shocked, shocked, the possible-former-drug-dealer-cum-tabloid-attention-whore was, at Angelina Jolie's coke-addled dream of being a better person. We're shocked, too, but not at the idea that celebrities might be known to snort cocaine now and then, or even at Jolie's allegedly misconceived dream of adoptive parenthood.

And though we certainly aren't shocked that L&S would be involved in some loose source-vetting, either -- after all, that's basically the business model -- we are a little shocked that they'd stoop so ridiculously low.

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Jef Otte
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