Artists Sheridan Anderson Furrer and Kevin Weinreich are Enlightening the Dark

"I think a lot of people are stiff toward just going to see an art show, because it can be a little bit on the boring side," says curator Jazmin Montano. But, she insists, you won't get bored at this one. On Saturday night, Enlightening the Dark, at Eden, will showcase the art of Sheridan Anderson Furrer and Kevin Weinreich, all to the moombahton tunes of DJs Jah Rocker and Max Claw. All of the artists involved worked together to come up with the concept, which, Montano explains, showcases "everything about life that's difficult and dirty, and finding the beauty within it."

Montano started planning the show around Furrer's paintings, which she describes as wild, emotional and stirring. "How creepy her work is was what drew me to it in the first place," explains Montano. She notes that Furrer's use of bright colors and psychedelic imagery create pieces that "still manage to find a way to be feminine and palatable to just about anybody."

Once she saw Weinreich's digital art, she knew it would fit in well with Furrer's pieces. "It reminded me of looking into a kaleidoscope," she says. "It's very trippy, but still manages to be just very pretty." The melding of these light and dark aspects is what made Montano think their work would fit together. She explains that "both of them are able to see intrinsically what can be beautiful about a mess."

The music, too, will align with this concept. DJ Jah Rocker has created songs specifically for Enlightening the Dark that Montano says are "very danceable, a little psychedelic, with lots of heavy, dirty bass."

The reception for Enlightening the Dark runs tonight at Eden, 3090 Downing Street, from 6 to 10 p.m.; the show continues through March 31. And don't worry about getting bored. Says Montano, "It should be about as much of a dance party as it's gonna be an art show."

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