Walls of Fame: And the 2019 Urban Arts Fund Grantees Are...

Thomas Evans, aka Detour, is among the recipients of Denver Arts & Venues' 2019 Urban Arts Fund grants.EXPAND
Thomas Evans, aka Detour, is among the recipients of Denver Arts & Venues' 2019 Urban Arts Fund grants.
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The Urban Arts Fund — Denver Arts & Venues' citywide mural project — just announced its 2019 grantees.

The first mural, by artist Jonathan Pucci, will be revealed at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 27, on the Cherry Creek Trail between Market and Blake streets. It will depict African-American cyclist Marshall "Major" Taylor, who set world records in the late 1800s and early 1900s and made waves in a sport that was dominated by white people.

Other artists include Denver's own Thomas "Detour" Evans, Chinny Bond from Amsterdam, and Lara Carolina Pagan Hidalgo from Puerto Rico.

By the end of this year, there will be at least 26 new city-funded murals across town and more than $100,000 given to artists from all over the world.

The fund started as a graffiti prevention effort, covering unpermitted graffiti with large-scale murals from recognized artists. Along with corporations willing to pay artists to decorate the walls of their businesses, the Urban Art Fund is a major reason murals have been taking over so many public spaces across Denver.

“The Urban Arts Fund does much more than beautify and enrich our great city,” says Mayor Michael Hancock in a statement. “By creating these murals, we’re able to support local talent, engage our diverse neighborhoods and attract internationally renowned street artists to Denver.”

In recent years, the Urban Arts Fund has dedicated funds to projects that encourage community engagement, arts education and social change. Instead of just funding an artist to come in and paint, Arts & Venues supports projects that include workshops, discussions and social engagement.

The full list of the Urban Arts Fund 2019 recipients:

Nicholas Angelo - Denver Metro
Olivia Lucero - Denver Metro
Zach Armijo - Denver Metro
Tamil Maldonado Vega - Mayagu?ez, Puerto Rico
Yulia Avgustinovich - Denver Metro
Julio Mendoza - Denver Metro
Rafael Blanco - Quincy, CA
Olive Moya - Denver Metro
Aisha Brown - Denver Metro
Michael Ortiz - Denver Metro
Brian Butler - Miami Beach, FL
Toluwanami Obiwole - Denver Metro
Daniel Chavez - Denver Metro
Lara Carolina Pagan Hidalgo - Mayagu?ez, Puerto Rico
Chinny Bond - Amsterdam, Netherlands
LaToya Peoples - Baltimore
Elijah Chong - Santa Fe, NM
Jonathan Pucci - San Diego
Luis Fernandez (Güillo) Cruz Martes - Mayagu?ez, Puerto Rico
Markus Puskar - Denver Metro
Gregg Deal - Colorado Springs
Adam Raiola - Denver Metro
Thomas Evans - Denver Metro
Sofia Ramirez - Baltimore
Faatma Be Oné - Denver Metro
Raul Regis - São Paulo, Brazil
Jannah Farooque - Denver Metro
Adolfo Romero - Denver Metro
Javier Flores - Denver Metro
A. Koko Sanchez - Denver Metro
Conor Hollis - Denver Metro
Ratha Sok - Denver Metro
Eddie Huang - Denver Metro
Thien Tai - Denver Metro
Holly Kai Hurd - Denver Metro
Adi Tora - Denver Metro
Angelica Jimenez - Denver Metro
Jess Webb - Denver Metro
Amorette Lana - Denver Metro
Theodore Yuritich - Denver Metro
Josiah Lopez - Denver Metro
Lindee Zimmer - Denver Metro
Ray Lopez - Denver Metro

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.