Pure Barre Belmar is ready to make Lakewood shake.EXPAND
Pure Barre Belmar is ready to make Lakewood shake.
Pure Barre Belmar

Pure Barre Pops Up in Belmar

Pure Barre is celebrating the opening of its fourteenth studio in Colorado with the unveiling of Pure Barre Belmar on Sunday, October 1. The exercise studio offers low-impact, full-body workouts focused on developing hips, thighs, abdominals and arms. With so many Pure Barre locations in Colorado — and the density of barre locations in Denver alone — owner and new franchisee Kristen Baylis wants to shake things up a bit, and she’s talking about more than just the “shake” associated with the body’s muscles reaching the point of fatigue.

Baylis has plans to foster a community in the Jefferson County community, and she’d like to do so by offering the signature Pure Barre classes via pop-up events.

“I want to try to do at least one pop-up once a quarter,” Baylis says, adding that she’s been successful in this method so far. Pure Barre Belmar “unofficially” opened as a registered franchise on June 8. Baylis has been doing pop-up classes to get the community excited about Pure Barre Belmar and donating all of her proceeds to charity.

Pure Barre Belmar space.EXPAND
Pure Barre Belmar space.
Pure Barre Belmar

Baylis is very passionate about bringing the Pure Barre workout to as many people as possible, because she believes it is truly life-changing. Pure Barre has changed her life, and she’s gone from the courtroom to the barre.

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“I did the whole law thing and was all on track,” Baylis explains, referring to her time spent as an employment lawyer on the management side. “When I first discovered Pure Barre, I was practicing law full time. I clerked for a federal judge, found a job at an 800-person law firm, but throughout it all, Pure Barre really was my passion. Every time I went into the law firm, it was like I was buckling in my seat belt for the day. I was ready for a huge career change.”

Baylis spent six years working out as a client at Pure Barre, but when it came time for her to open her own studio, she felt strongly about finding a location outside of Denver proper. “When I moved here from Charleston, South Carolina, I moved downtown, and everything was at your fingertips,” she explains. “When I moved to Golden, though, I had more access to hiking, but found myself missing Pure Barre. I ended up driving 35 minutes to the Cherry Creek location, so when I started this process, I said that I’m going to be the one that brings it out to the west.”

Pure Barre Belmar team.EXPAND
Pure Barre Belmar team.
Pure Barre Belmar

In the end, Baylis says she chose Belmar because she enjoys the overall feel of the development. “It’s nice because it’s got that city feel without being too much like a mall,” she says. “It’s centrally located, has free parking, and they have a lot of locally owned businesses.”

There are already 400 clients signed up for classes at Pure Barre Belmar — which will offer 45 classes per week beginning in October — and these pop-up events are opportunities for new and prospective clients to get to know Baylis and her fifteen part-time staff members.

A new schedule of classes is set to be released with the official opening this Sunday, October 1. Included in that schedule is the launch of Pure Barre Belmar's Pure Empower cross-training program. Visit Pure Barre Belmar's website to see a full listing of new and up-to-date classes.

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