Birds Are The Words

"Right now, the window is open, and I can hear the house wren trilling his morning song, which he broadcasts from a circle of trees non-stop,” begins a blog post by Boulder author and professor Priscilla Stuckey. “A spotted towhee has forsaken scratching in the ground to perch on a high branch and announce that he too has a family.”

These are small things, moments that we take for granted during the rush of modern life. But they are important parts of the world — ones we should pay more attention to. This is the premise of For the Birds: A Flock of Writers Read About All Things Avian, which takes place tonight as part of Bird Shift, an ongoing program at the University of Colorado’s Museum of Natural History. The evening consists of five naturalist/writers who will read from stories, essays and poems they have written about birds.

"Birds are so symbolic, and living in Boulder, we are so surrounded by open space that it’s easy to be inspired,” says For the Birds coordinator Ellen Orleans. “But we should all recognize our urban birds as well.” In other words, the daily habits of pigeons and crows can be just as important as those of more beautiful or interesting birds, like the avocets and egrets who use the open space around Boulder.

For the Birds includes Stuckey, Orleans, Jack Collom, Suzanne DuLany and Jennifer Phelps. The free event takes place at 7 p.m. inside the Henderson Building, near the corner of 15th and Broadway in Boulder; refreshments will be provided. For more information, call 303-492-6892 or go to http://cumuseum.colorado.edu.
Wed., Sept. 21, 7 p.m., 2011

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