Bizzie Gold brings her BUTI-shaking fitness program to Colorado

What do you get when you combine yoga, dance, plyometrics and athletic conditioning? One word: BUTI. Former fitness competitor and competitive skier Bizzie Gold created BUTI (yes, it's pronounced 'booty') after years of training and athletic conditioning inspired her to fuse multiple workout styles into one 90-minute routine. Gold brings the no-equipment-necessary hybrid fitness program to Denver February 18 through 20 in the form of a BUTI teacher-training course at Breathe Yoga & Cycling Studio first, with the local gym offering classes beginning in March.

So, what in the hell is BUTI, anyway?

According to the program's website, BUTI combines "plyometric drills with the traditional yoga 'vinyasa' to maximize calorie burn while attaining long, lean muscle tone." And then there are "various dance movements from a variety of tribal-based dance styles" that "seamlessly connects into power yoga sequences, for the ultimate fitness experience."

Basically, the 90-minute BUTI workout is designed to kick your ass, while eliminating the possibility of boredom. "One of my celebrity clients calls me the master of distraction," Gold says of her hyper-combination training method. While the idea of just one type of exercise for 90 straight minutes would scare away a lot of potential BUTI-ers, the yoga-style flow of movements keeps the class going, she explains.

But if the idea of yoga's got you tripped up, Gold stresses that the strength training and dance elements propel the program in a way that doesn't feel even remotely hippie-dippy. Essentially, the yogic aspect provides fluidity to the 75 minutes of the hardcore workout and brings the last 15 minutes down to a restorative level with lots of stretching.

BUTI is designed for a multitude of fitness interests and all physically active levels, from gym novices and Zumba aficionados to yogis, spin junkies, runners and triathletes.

And what, exactly, does BUTI mean? "Well, the answer is twofold," Gold says. "BUTI is just a nicer way to spell 'booty,' but BUTI also means the cure to something that is hidden in Indian Maharathi. I liked that, because our goal in BUTI is to unlock the Shakti energy trapped in the lower two chakras."

If you're interested in becoming a BUTI teacher or just want to find out when classes officially begin, check the Breathe studio website for more information.

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