Browser game of the week: F*ck This Game

Every once and a while we need a game that just screws with the player. Whether that's mentally or physically doesn't matter. F*ck This Game manages to do both by creating a game that requires dexterity in finger placement while taxing your brain. Also, it makes you feel stupid, which is a good thing, in this particular case, because you've been way too confident lately.

F*ck This Game is remarkably simple in its design. It starts out with you doing one task, jumping over some hurdles. It's easy and mindless, and it makes you wonder where the hell the game got its title.

Then another section opens up and you have to start playing two games at once, using different keys to perform actions. Again, it seems simple enough. You'll be using one key, say "T" to jump on one screen, and then "F" to move around a car on another. These are one-button games, so you don't need to bend your brain too much to handle both at once.

But it keeps going; soon you'll have three different games going at once, then four and finally eight. Each game will have an individual button assigned to it, but they're not in any real order. Your hand will be twisted around the keyboard as you try to comprehend what's going on before, eventually, you just say, "Fuck this game."

That's the point, really. It's supposed to overwhelm you and piss you off. Games and emotion have always had a tenuous link, but if there is one emotion games are really good at invoking, it's anger. F*ck This Game does a great job at it, but still manages to entertain you in a way that you feel like you're the one at fault, not the game. It's a great balance and great way to waste a few minutes of your time.

Play it here.

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