Careful if you play Ring and Hook at Bannock Street Garage; you may never leave

"It's a ring on a string. That's it," says bartender Samantha Pirrallo. And yet, groups of people come from all over Denver to the

Bannock Street Garage

just to play it.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that matter.

And the Hook and Ring game at the Garage, 1015 Bannock Street, matters to plenty of people who stand there for hours playing it, inventing drinking games to accompany it and generally making a lot of noise. (Full disclosure: I made one for myself in my own garage.)

"Whenever I hear crazy screams, I know someone made it for the first time," Pirrallo says somewhat disdainfully. Did she mention that it's just a ring on a string?

And yet, the bar game -- which Garage owner Eddie Morrissey first played in an Iowa basement -- is extremely addictive and surprisingly difficult.

Here's how it works: You grab the metal ring, which is suspended from the ceiling by a long pink string. You stand behind a painted white line on the floor and then let the ring swing, aiming it for a hook that it attached to the far wall.

A tip from Pirrallo: swing the ring out to the right side, aiming for the TouchTunes Jukebox machine on the wall. Oh, and bring some money. You might be there a while.

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