Ceddy Bu "the rap sumo" stars in your moment of schadenfreude

There are some things so mind-warpingly ironic that the human body is physically unable to process them. Incapacitated by wild mirth, you simply blank out and, like an American wearing a Hawaiian shirt and carrying an expensive camera in Central America, wake up dazed in a bathtub full of ice, somehow missing a kidney. Or at least that's what happened to us when we witnessed Ceddy Bu's use of the moniker "dumbshit."

Our favorite part is when, evidently unable to think of anything to rhyme with "nugget" (interestingly, "dumbshit" is a possibility), Ceddy non-sequiturs into an observation about keeping the "stacks on deck," and then, forging relentlessly ahead, displays the chains around his neck and says, for no fathomable reason, "dumbshit."

It's almost Joyceian in its stream-of-conscious narrative, sublimely absurdist in its portrayal of rural American life. Assuming it's a joke. And it's, well, sadly, probably not a joke. What do you think?

Holla at me, though. Dumbshit.

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Jef Otte
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