Copper's Hot Tub Time Machine

By all rights, Colorado should have hosted the Winter Olympics by now. Alas, we blew our big chance: Colorado voters balked at the bill and rejected the award after winning a bid for the 1976 games, and we've been trying to get back in the International Olympic Committee's good graces ever since. 2022? 2026, to make it an even fifty years? Better yet, how about a rewind on ’76? If John Cusack, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry can dial the hot tub time machine back to 1986, what's another ten years?

"We're taking it back to the ’70s, when mustaches were thick and stretch pants ruled," says Pete Woods, marketing director at Copper Mountain. The resort, which has been rocking a retro theme all season, is hosting the Red Bull 1976 Games in honor of our local folly. Four-person teams in the Snowbladecross race and Old-School Air competitions will be judged as much for their ’70s style and ’staches as for their throwback moves. "Bring your padded ski sweater if you come," suggests Woods. "People are going to be going big up here, breaking out the spreadeagles and daffies."

The games begin today at 1 p.m. with the ceremonial lighting of the fondue pot and continue through Saturday. (For registration and more info, go to But the fun doesn’t end there: Stick around for the 8th annual Sunsation end-of-season party, with performances by Steel Pulse, Perpetual Groove, Los Lonely Boys, Pato Banton & the New Generation, and the White Buffalo. Visit for a full schedule.
April 16-17, 2010

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Colin Bane
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