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Corey Brewer on his role in Movie 43 and his future role with the Denver Nuggets

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The NBA is teeming with actors. Yes, actors. Maybe not the kind you're used to in films and plays, but they still act. These "actors" can often be found over-dramatizing physical contact by flamboyantly diving into the air or covering their eyes while pretending to get clocked with an invisible elbow from their opponent. But Corey Brewer isn't one of these players. He's admirable. He plays the game the right way. And yet, he's still finding ways to act. The only difference between Brewer and his theatrical comrades is that he's doing it in Hollywood and getting paid, while they're doing it in the NBA and getting fined.

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Brewer's appearance in the upcoming Movie 43 -- produced by one half of the infamous Farrelly Brothers duo, Peter Farrelly -- is only a minor one. He plays an innocent basketball player caught in the middle of a comedic, racially-driven lecture by his coach, played by Terrence Howard. Still, it's not often that members of the Denver Nuggets make appearances in major motion pictures. And in light of this development, Westword caught up with Brewer to gauge just how difficult it is to act, as well as how interested he is to re-sign with the Nuggets at the end of the year.

Westword: How did this come about? How did you get selected for this role?

Corey Brewer: My agent actually got me into it. My agent is at Relativity Media, the same company that made the movie. So he thought I might like to do it and I agreed.

Did you get selected out of a larger group of people?

No, he just hooked me up with it and I went to LA When I got there it was me, Larry Sanders and Jared Dudley. It was us three from the NBA and some more actors. It was kind of cool. Terrence Howard was there. I like some of his films, especially Hustle and Flow. It was really cool to meet him.

Was this the first time you've ever acted?

Yeah, this is the first time. It was fun. I have respect for actors now. They have long days out there trying to get everything right.

What was the hardest part about acting?

I didn't even have a lot of lines, but if I had a lot of lines it would be hard to remember everything. Then during the funnier parts you can't laugh. You have to always be serious, even though you're trying to be funny.

Who was the funniest person on set?

Terrence Howard by far. He was definitely the funniest person. He was really cool, too. It was fun hanging out with him.

Did you ever mess up?

Nah, there weren't too many mess-ups. It went pretty smooth overall.

Do you have any other roles your agent might hook you up with in the future?

We'll see. Hopefully. I wouldn't mind. This one was really fun, so I could definitely do it again.

What's your favorite movie of all time?

My favorite movie of all time? It would probably have to be Life or Coming to America.

So you're a pretty big Eddie Murphy fan?

Oh, yeah. He's the best.

Who's the funniest person on the Nuggets roster?

Oh, man, we've got a lot of funny dudes. I don't know man. [Laughs]

You're kind of a funny dude, what about you?

Nah, man. Jordan Hamilton is funny. JaVale McGee is funny. Hey, I ain't gonna lie, Kosta Koufos is pretty funny. I'd have to say Kosta.

Switching gears, why do you think you've been so successful in Denver?

It's just a good system. I like the system. Coach Karl has given me a chance to play and when you get minutes, you can usually produce.

You're a free agent after this year. Is Denver some place you could see yourself staying at long term?

Oh yeah. I like Denver. I wouldn't mind staying here. It's my contract year so we'll see what happens, but I definitely wouldn't mind staying here.

What do you think is the most important thing the Nuggets need to do to finish out the year strong and keep winning?

We just have to gel. Once we gel and learn to play together, we'll be good. We were here last year and we were basically a new team. Now this year we have Andre Iguodala, who's also new. If we keep playing together and keep gelling we'll keep improving.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.