Reader: Tattered Cover Used to Be a Beloved Sanctuary. Sad!

The Tattered Cover has been a landmark on the 16th Street Mall for almost two decades.
The Tattered Cover has been a landmark on the 16th Street Mall for almost two decades. Tattered Cover
A week ago, the owners of the Tattered Cover issued a statement explaining the independent bookstore chain's silence “in the wake of the events that have unfolded" since May 25 and the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, a crime caught on camera that set off worldwide protests that continue today.

Just a day later, current Tattered Cover owners Len Vlahos and Kristen Gilligan withdrew that original statement, admitting that they were on the wrong side of history and apologizing. But that did not quell the controversy.

Says Melissa:
 Wow, it's like they never actually read or understood those books that they sell.
Adds Jarrel:
Their original statement starts off positive — but it gets progressively worse from there once they felt the need to explain. It was arguably worse than had they just remained silent.

So many things wrong with how they chose to make a statement.
Notes Lisa:
 Shame on them. Tattered Cover used to be a respected and beloved sanctuary. Super sad about this.
Responds Bianca: 
That apology was just for PR. I am done with Tattered for good.
But then there's this from Jeremy:
 You are all gonna be very sad and lonely once you've succeeded in "canceling" everything that micro-aggresses all of you. It's fine to take a stand for something, as long as you actually believe in it. It's not okay to "cancel" somebody, or something, just because they won't blindly join your cause.

I for one, will continue to shop there...and any other place that the "cancel" culture deems evil, just as a matter of counter protest to whatever the protest flavor of the week is.

I and millions of other veterans didn't give up years of our lives and swear an oath to the Constitution, only to watch other citizens actively work to destroy either it, or parts of it. If you spend all your time either slaving away or searching out things to be offended by, ultimately your lives are going to be miserable.
Have you followed the Tattered Cover controversy? You can read the original statement here, and the apology here. Then share your thoughts in a comment, or email [email protected]
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