Denver Pavilions saves your Christmas with free gift wrapping

You suck at wrapping presents. It happens every year: You pick out that perfect gift and take it home with every intention of doing it up all nicely with fancy bows and nice crisp edges, but somehow it gets out of control. The tape sticks to your fingers. The paper shifts. Your gift ends up looking like you covered it in confetti and glue, sprayed it with Windex and punched it a couple of times. And then they laugh at you. They laugh at you.

What you need is a professional, and you need that professional to be free, because you already spent all your money on the gifts. Luckily, the Denver Pavilions has you hooked up.

Daily through Christmas, the Pavilions is offering free wrapping for any gift you buy there. You just tote the gift and the receipt down to the Holiday Happenings store on Level 2 on the South side, and they'll do it up for you. Of course, technically, the offer only applies to things you buy at the Pavilions, but if you're sneaky about it, you might be able to slip one past them.

Because isn't getting free stuff what Christmas is all about?

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