Dudes welcome at the Ladies Laugh-In December 15 at Beauty Bar

Like many art forms, the craft of standup comedy is, for the most part, a boys' club. "We wanted to take back the night," jokes participating comedian Alicia Jacobs of Ladies Laugh-in, a monthly comedy showcase happening tomorrow night at 8 p.m. at Beauty Bar. Started back in July by comedian Heather Snow and hosted by musician Chella Negro, the evening highlights women comedians from in and around the city -- but doesn't count men out.

"At first, not a lot of dudes showed up," Jacobs says of both participants and patrons of the male-friendly ladies' night. But word of the night spread, and the monthly showcase lineups have been filling in fairly quickly, with lots of dude interest. This month's male comedians will be Greg Baumhauer and Bobby Crane.

But beyond the dude interest, Ladies Laugh-In aims to give women the chance to be showcased for their talent, not just as the "token female" performer on a given night. Jacobs says say Snow started the showcase in an effort to turn the tables on the average comedy lineup and let women dominate the stage.

Ladies Laugh-In starts at 8 p.m. and is free, and Beauty Bar's regular $10 Mani-Pedi Happy Hour will also be going on.

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