Ernie Torres for Real Skateboards: Pushing Colorado Since Day One

This summer the Real Skateboards team sent eight of its riders home to film love letters about the streets where they came up for the company's new "Pushing Since Day One" campaign. Our favorite of the bunch is, of course, this Colorado clip from Ernie Torres, who notes in his interview for the campaign that the best skate spots in Denver are "the ones with no cracks or crackheads" -- who can argue? -- and gives shoutouts to local shops including 303 Boards, Satellite, the Denver Shop and Community.

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Ernie Torres Pushing Colorado from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Those outfits -- and a number of other Colorado shops -- are now carrying Torres's limited edition Pushing Colorado Since Day One "capsule," which includes a skateboard deck, T-shirt, grip tape and sticker.

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Colin Bane
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