Fall 2007 Haute Couture: Christian Dior

Photos via Style.com. Click here for a complete slide show of the collection.

The big event yesterday at the Fall 2007 Paris Haute Couture shows was, of course, Christian Dior. John Galliano was celebrating his tenth year heading up the house, which was celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. To mark the occasion, Galliano trotted several generations of super models down the runway, from Linda to Giselle and Irina and Sasha. It was all very Marie Antoinette (appropriate since the show was at Versailles) meets Spanish flamenco dancers -- but in a good way.

Here's what WWD had to say:

John Galliano gave new meaning to the term artsy with a breathtaking Christian Dior fall couture collection inspired by painters, illustrators and photographers.

And Sarah Mower of Style.com:

A celebration of the achievements of Dior could only open with a redrawn memory of the 1947 New Look, the wasp-waisted, full-skirted silhouette that revolutionized the way women dressed after World War II. Galliano approached it through the artistic landscape that formed Dior's imagination and the great talents who represented his work to the public in magazines. The opening sequence, led by Gisele Bündchen in a black "Bar" suit and Raquel Zimmermann in an ivory circle-skirted dress, caught the black-and-white drama of Irving Penn's photography and the dashed-off pen-and-ink drawings of Eric, Gruau, Bouche, Bérard, and Cocteau. Color came in gradually, first through a hand-tinted 3-D rose whorled center-front on a white bustier dress, then developing into extravagantly realized palettes taken from portraits of women by the Impressionists, Dutch masters, Pre-Raphaelites, and the greats of the Spanish school.

Also showing yesterday, though to much less media fan fare, was Anne Valerie Hash. Here are two of Cat's favorites from this show:

Photos via British Vogue.com. Click here for a complete slide show of the collection.

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