Five great views -- both mountain and city -- around Denver

Denver is a beautiful city, especially on days devoid of any brown cloud, and there are dozens of places where you can get a memorable shot. Here are five spots that offer a great view of the city or the mountains -- and, in some rare cases, both. See also: Best Bathroom with a View of Denver -- Amato's Ale House Ruby Hill Most locals identify Ruby Hill with winter days spent sledding down the steep hills, but this south Denver park also offers a magnificent view to the northeast. The park, which borders the South Platte River, overlooks Overland Golf Course; scattered throughout are interesting pieces of public art. In the summer residents enjoy the swimming pool and BBQ areas -- as well as that view! Keep reading for more great views around Denver. Aurora Dam Road The Dam Road runs between I-225 and the Cherry Creek Reservoir between East Union Boulevard and Parker Road, and offers a great view to the northwest. With the reservoir on one side and the city on the other, this road is a lovely spot for a stroll -- especially as the sun sets behind the mountains. Keep reading for more great views. Sloan's LakeThe biggest lake within Denver city limits, Sloan's Lake is enjoyed by cyclists, joggers, wake- boarders and jet skiers alike. Standing on the west side of the lake looking east, you get a view of historic Lake Middle School surrounded by trees -- with the downtown skyline sneaking in right over top. Keep reading for more great views of Denver. Belleview Christian College Located at 83rd Avenue and Irving Street, one of the highest points in town, the beautiful sandstone building that houses Belleview Christian College features an amazing view of the city to the southeast; at sunset, the red stone adds vibrancy to the scene. And from behind the school, you can capture a wonderful layered scene of the mountains and fields to the northwest. Keep reading for one more great view of Denver. Inspiration Point Park A real urban gem, Inspiration Point Park has a lovely trail -- and several stunning views. The park overlooks Willis Case Golf Course to the east and, despite pesky powerlines, that's still a nice vista. And from this high vantage point, the view to the northwest is spectacular, with the Rocky Mountain skyline behind the northern suburbs. Want to recommend another great view? Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

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