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Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 and Under

Exlpore MCA Denver's new exhibits for a dang penny on Saturday, February 3.
Exlpore MCA Denver's new exhibits for a dang penny on Saturday, February 3. Cleon Peterson "Victory"
While the rodent-divined forecasts of Groundhog Day are essentially irrelevant during this year's exceedingly mild winter, one prediction Westword can guarantee with absolute veracity is that Denver's creative community will keep its city's citizens thoroughly entertained for the next six weeks, starting with this weekend. Whether readers fancy grand concerts, goofy comedy shows, film screenings, or ice skating in Victorian finery, the days ahead are ripe with possibility. Furthermore, the following list is decidedly budget-friendly; readers can attend any of the ten events listed below for ten American dollars or less.

Views and Brews Winter Olympics Film Series: Miracle
Thursday, February 1, 6 p.m.
Longmont Museum and Cultural Center
$5 to $8

The Winter Olympics are approaching at a luge-like velocity, but fans can still get a head start on the sporting spirit at the Longmont Museum's Views and Brews Winter Olympics Film Series. Relive the glory of Olympians past in the days leading up to the games in Pyeongchang at a screening series dedicated to films that celebrate athleticism and team work, with a signature cocktail pairing for each film. The series kicks off with the unexpectedly great adaptation of one of sports history's most inspirational underdog stories, 2004's Miracle. Starring American treasure Kurt Russell, the movie tells the patriotic tale of the college-aged USA Hockey team's hard-won victory over the formidable Soviet skate squad. Visit the Longmont Museum events calendar to buy tickets, $5 to $8, and learn more.

WRITE CLUB Denver: To the Teeth
Thursday, February 1, 6 to 8 p.m.
Syntax Physic Opera

Write Club Denver, a self-described "literary thunderdome," pits writer against writer in a series of head-to-head competitive readings from Denver-based authors, comedians, performers and creatives of every stripe. The combatants for February's Groundhog Day Eve diction duels include Cory Byrom vs. Chad McNaughton, Emily Voorhees vs. Johanna Walker, and Laura Deal vs. Jared Ewy. Doors open at 6 p.m. for a 7 p.m. start. A suggested donation of $10 will be collected at the door, though no one will be turned away. Visit Write Club Denver's Facebook events page for more details.

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Comedians' Power Hour
Comedians' Power Hour
Thursday, February 1, 7 p.m.
El Charrito's Comedy RoomRoom

Since its humble beginnings in Albuquerque, where it was co-hosted by Sarah Kennedy and Genevieve Garcia de Mueller, Comedians' Power Hour has evolved into a regular showcase in New York City as well as an adaptable format for festivals and traveling road shows. Prodigal Denverite Brett Hiker, who's stepped in for Mueller on the New York shows, is bringing the whole drunken spectacle to El Charrito's Comedy RoomRoom, a fitting venue for boozy standup showcases. Power Hour, not unlike the college drinking game of the same name, pits two comics against each other in a series of comedic challenges, including performing their opponent's material, interspersed with shots of beer before switching to liquor for the final rounds. Power Hour is always full of surprises and drunken tomfoolery, but fans can expect extra debauchery as Matt Cobos squares off against Greg Baumhauer. Admission is $8 via Nightout. Diehards can also stick around after the show for the 10 p.m. open mic hosted by Allison Rose.

Friday Night Weird: Attack the Block
Friday, February 2, 8:45 p.m.
Boedecker Theater
$6.50 to $12

A new month has arrived, and with it a new theme for Boedecker Theater's Friday Night Weird film series.
For more details and links to buy tickets, $6.50 to $12, visit the Dairy Center's box office page. In honor of Black History Month, the programmers at Friday Night Weird have joined forces with the University of Colorado's  Laboratory for Race and Popular Culture for Space Is the Place, a three-week exploration of science fiction inspired by the African-American experience. Named for the the delightfully freaky Sun Ra movie (which caps off the series on Friday, February 16), Space Is the Place kicks off with a showing of Joe Cornish's underrated sci-fi comedy Attack the Block. Mainly remembered as the big-screen debut of Star Wars' John Boyega, the projects-tenants-versus-aliens cult classic is worth a second look for its abundance of cheeky wit, sly satire, and show-stopping action sequences. For more details and links to buy tickets, $6.50 to $12, visit the Dairy Center's box-office page.

Stratus Chamber Orchestra: Dreams and Aspirations
February 2 to 3, 7:30 p.m.
First Plymouth Congregational Church
Augustana Lutheran Church
$10 to $25

In partnership with Picture Me Here and the Lighthouse Writer's Workshop, the Stratus Chamber Orchestra presents "Dreams and Aspirations," a fellowship for newly arrived immigrants and refugees coming together for an evening of storytelling, music and imagery. The first concert, held on Friday, February 2, at First Plymouth Congregational Church, offers guests the chance to enjoy an immersive seating experience, with a more traditional arrangement the following evening at Augustana Lutheran Church. Showtimes for both performances are at 7:30 p.m. Visit the Augustana Arts box-office page to buy tickets, $10 to $25, and learn more.

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Byron Graham is a writer, comedian and gentleman thief from Denver. Co-host of Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game, the deathless Lion's Lair open mic and the Mutiny Book Club podcast, Byron also writes about comedy for Westword. He cannot abide cowardice, and he's never been defeated in an open duel.
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