Gear: Get to know Volkl's hottest skis

Sniagrab's basically a bust since Sports Authority took over the castle. But it's going on until November 18, so you may still be able to snake some decent ski deals, including some of Volkl's best offerings for the season.

I stopped by about a month ago to take a look at the Volkl lineup. And with the help of a super friendly salesman, I was able to solidify my top Volkl picks for the season.
Full-disclosure: I've been skiing on Volkls for about 10 years now, and I wouldn't ride another setup even if it where free. Well, maybe I'd come down from my moral highground for a free setup. Any takers?

But seriously... the thing about Volkls is that they are super responsive, quick to turn, and, well, they are starting to look cooler, too, especially when you get away from the racing setups.

The salesman's favorite all-mountain Volkl was the twin-tip Mantra. With a bit more cut on the side (133-96-116), this puppy's still going to float you on big pow days, while still  allowing for some precision cuts on the corduroy.

Next up is The Bridge (below). With even less under foot (130-92-112), this is probably a better bet for front-range weekend warriors who can't always make it up the hill for big snow days.

And for those lucky few who play more than they work -- isn't that how it should be for all of us? -- there's the big-mountain Gotama. I'd definitely take this puppy out into the backcountry on bust-out-the-snorkel days. But you're going to be losing a bit of performance on cruiser runs with a sidecut of 133-105-124. Then again: with at least ten inches of snow outside my window as we speak, powder skis might be the way to go this winter.

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Greg Benchwick
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