Geek Alert: Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo Tickets Go on Sale Today

Tickets for the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo go on sale today.
Tickets for the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo go on sale today. Danielle Lirette
Tickets go on sale at noon today, January 24, for the annual Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo, or DINK. Founded by the team that started Denver ComicCon, the event spotlights the most innovate artists working on the fringes of the graphic-novel and comic-book universe.

“The pop-culture, big-box cons are amazing and incredible, and we have them in spades now. They provide such a huge array [of options],” Charlie La Greca told Westword contributor Cory Casciato last year. “What’s cool about this is we can bring the focus back to just art and comics and the cross-pollination of what it means for art. It’s really embracing all comics genres, not [just] focused on sci-fi and superheroes and stuff like that.”

DINK's just-announced guests of honor, the Hernandez brothers, are the artists behind Love and Rockets, a series that started in the 1980s and continues today.

To write the series, each of the brothers, Gilbert, Jaime and Mario, take on different story lines set in Los Angeles and the fictional village of Polomar, Mexico. Some involve magical realism, others pure romance.
The brothers are joining an already impressive cadre of comic creators and graphic novelists, including former Westword contributor, Noah Van Sciver, Leina del Duca, Zach Howard and Aidan Koch, as well as independent comic companies and distributors.

The expo culminates with the annual DINKy Awards, which celebrate the best in the independent-comics world, on Saturday, April 9, at the McNichols Building.

For more information about how to register and even get a scholarship to attend, go to DINK Denver's website.
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