Get Growing at the Fifteenth Annual Growing Gardens Community Plant Sale

In 1998 Growing Gardens built its first community garden with the goal of making nutritious, organic food accessible to local families. Since then, the organization has grown to include twelve gardens in Boulder, Longmont and Louisville — thanks, in part, to the success of its yearly fundraiser, which also happens to be one of the best community plant sales around.

The massive sale spans three weekends in May and takes place at the organization’s eleven-acre farm, where plants are sold in and around the greenhouse. Over 7,000 buyers flock there from across the metro area. “We’ll even get folks from Golden or Fort Collins,” says Growing Gardens operations coordinator Megan Reehl. Tomatoes are one of the main attractions, and include GG's tried-and-true organic heirlooms, colorful cherries and bright, beautiful slicers. In response to customer requests, all organic tomato starts will be in biodegradable pots this year.

The garden also carries a wide variety of organic veggie starts to fill your gardens, plates and pantry: peppers, eggplants, summer and winter squashes, cucumbers, beans, peas, artichokes, pumpkins, all types of lettuces and greens and asparagus. All vegetable and herb starts are organic, and they’re grown on-site in the organization’s community greenhouse.

Growing Gardens also works with local wholesalers to bring in plants the organization can’t grow: certain annual flowers and raspberries, for example. Other offerings include perennial flowers, native plants, water-wise plants, blackberries, blueberries, rhubarb, strawberries, grapes, vines, roses and native grasses.

The three-weekend-long event kicks off from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Growing Gardens Urban Farm. For more information on the organization and its upcoming plant sale, visit the Growing Gardens website

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