Gettin' Crafty: Felt java jackets

For all those who give pom-pom critters for birthdays, feel an urge to stick googly eyes on everything or just occasionally get a twitch to fold some origami, we bring you "Gettin' Crafty" where we feature a craft you can easily make with minimal supplies and limited finances. We hate burning our hands on our to go coffees. And we also hate trees getting chopped down. So we have devised the perfect solution: a felt coffee cozy. Just remember to take it off the cup before you throw your finished coffee away. Otherwise, it pretty much defeats the point. Supplies

  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Tapestry needle or thick sewing needle
  • Paper java jacket (to use as a template)
  • Buttons or embellishments


1. Paperclip the paper java jacket to the felt. Cut around it. Pretty simple. 2. Mimic the way the paper cozys' are folded to ensure that your felt cozy will fit snugly. If you wanted to be super technical, you could measure the diameter, but I'm an advocate of eye-balling it.

3. Begin stitching along the fold using the embroidery thread. You could do a basic stitch, called a straight stitch, or a zigzag one like I did to be more decorative. Whatever you do, tie a secure knot at the end.

4. Get some coffee and test that baby out.

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