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Hot Shot: Aimee Giese Will Exhibit Concert Photos During Westword Music Showcase

Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim Aimee Giese / Greeblehaus
Aimee Giese started Greeblehaus as a mommy blog, back in 2005. But when her son hit sixth grade three years later, he wasn’t particularly comfortable with being the subject of her writing. He told her to cut it out, and she did. Around the same time, she hosted a rock-concert fundraiser at his elementary school, and it was there that she started shooting local bands.

Soon she shifted the focus of her site to chronicling Denver’s music scene, touring concerts and her own travels. She took her camera to the Underground Music Showcase and the Westword Music Showcase, met musicians and went to their gigs to shoot.

“I just started photographing and requesting bigger and bigger shows,” she says. “I had to redo my bucket list, because I photographed everybody I ever wanted to that’s still alive. It’s been an amazing ride.”
Highlights from over the years include shooting U2, De La Soul, Matt & Kim and more. In the past year, she's documented national acts like Fitz & the Tantrums, Black Pumas, Wilco and Sleater-Kinney, and locals like Ivory Circle, Flobots and 2MX2.
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Cold War Kids
Aimee Giese / Greeblehaus
Giese has is ultimate music superfan. Go to an indie-rock concert and she's likely to be there, too, camera in tow. Her shots are stunning, and her writing about concerts is nearly always celebratory.

“I don’t exactly review concerts,” she says. “I’m coming from a place of a fan. And I’m writing about the experience.”
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Aimee Giese has been documenting Denver's music scene for fifteen years.
Aimee Giese / Greeblehaus
While she makes her money in graphic design, the blog is a place for her to explore her passions and promote her photos, which are cherished by fellow fans — especially those who flock to her Pinterest page.

"We just celebrated fifteen years of running the blog continuously — no breaks, except for when I took a month off when I broke my arm," says Giese.
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Aimee Giese / Greeblehaus
Giese has long been a fixture at the Westword Music Showcase. This year, she'll be emceeing the Larimer Lounge stage, at 2721 Larimer Street, on Friday, September 17, where bands including Sarah Slaton & the Great Perhaps, the Trujillo Company, Robert Shredford, Pink Fuzz, Slow Caves, Kinky Fingers and the Mañanas will perform. In a space next door to the venue, she'll display and sell prints of some of her favorite concert photos over the years. It's a celebration of fifteen years of telling the story of the city's music scene.

“We're hoping it's going to be very fun and kind of grungy,” Giese says. “That matches well with Larimer — just a basic explosion of my photographs.”

For more about the Westword Music Showcase, go to Follow Giese's blog at Greeblehaus.
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