In If You Really Knew Me, MTV showcases Denver School of the Arts

Last February, an MTV production team took over the hallways at the Denver School of the Arts to film an episode of

If You Really Knew Me

, a new kind of reality show (described ad infinitum as a true-life version of

The Breakfast Club
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), where kids from different backgrounds and cliques at high schools all over the nation come together under the aegis of Challenge Day, a one-day teen rap session/focus group. Each episode focuses on five students; DSA is the seventh of nine schools filmed.

It almost goes without saying that the crews who came to DSA were simply blown away by the school and its unique Fame-style culture, which doesn't quite resemble that of almost any other high school in the district. Yes, at DSA, kids really do dance and sing in the halls, even if isn't scripted and formally choreographed.

DSA takes the spotlight tonight, airing locally at 9 p.m. on MTV; Challenge Denver will host a local big-screen premiere at the Starz FilmCenter on the Auraria campus at 7 p.m. (please RSVP at kingachallengedenver@gmail.com). In the meantime, here's a preview.

And after the show, go the the If You Really Knew Me website for additional coverage and footage.

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