Lindsay Maynard on the write stuff and 303's Denver Fashion Weekend

With Denver Fashion Weekend 013 just two days away, we spoke with Lindsay Maynard, editor-in-chief/fashion editor of 303, to get the scoop on this weekend's events and her thoughts on the local fashion scene.

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Westword: How did you get into fashion journalism?

Lindsay Maynard: I was in Australia for a month three years ago and started focusing on my writing. I was also involved in my school's newspaper at the University of Colorado Denver, where I majored in English and writing. I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I was no good at it. I began as an intern at 303 magazine and stayed on after graduation. May 2012 I became the lifestyle editor, and June 2013 editor-in-chief chief and fashion editor of the magazine. I love doing research, interviewing, fashion and writing. With 303, every week I get to be around fashion, music, art and the best of Denver. I love it.

Talk to us about 303. What is its purpose in the Denver community?

To give our readers, 30,000 followers on Facebook and 200,000 views a week across all of our social media platforms the best of Denver. We offer our readers the best of what is local and things to watch out for. We highlight designers, bands, where to go out to eat and where to travel. We are out in the street and traveling to these places -- not just talking about it. We are passionate about music, fashion and food, showing our readers the best of the best of Denver.

We partner with Quarterly Karma, a non-profit event planning company that helps us spread our support of charities around. Instead of focusing on one charity, we want toreach all areas. We love giving back to the community. Our readers live here; we are a recognized brand and we want to use that to help people. Our beneficiary for 303 DFW 2013 is the Warrior Dog Foundation.

What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver. What do you like, don't like?

No one recognized Denver as a fashion scene. We are becoming an urban iconic style, hipster city: the people you see walking around Cherry Creek mall and the bartender who looks cool and didn't really try to put their outfits together, from the young professionals downtown to those who hang out on Broadway. Everyone is involved; it's not just people who are in the fashion business. Everyone has their own style. Fashion in Denver is up and coming and we need more shows, more events, so people can come out and buy; we also want to inspire others to do pop-up shops. This is a city full of fashion that is up-and-coming and rising up to compete with N.Y. and L.A., I would like to see more of that.

303 DFW, how did it get started and why?

303 DFW started seven or eight years ago with AB Aharonian and Charlie Price, who was our creative director. They started this fashion show for a small group of people a couple of times of year to celebrate what they were doing with the magazine. It was small, but it has really grown and turned into a big party. We will have local and national talent; there is fashion, hair, food, something for everyone. 303 DFW has gotten a lot younger and urban because it's not just for 35-year-old women who want to buy. It's a girl's night out or a date night. We are excited because everyone can enjoy the weekend. It is an experience. You don't just sit down and find your seat, watch the fashion show and leave; it's an entire night, it's cultural instead of being one-sided, it's everything that we love coming together in one night.

Who are some of the designers we will see this weekend?

Personally Live Worldly -- they travel all over the world and they bring things back from the markets, and I am excited to see them to walk the runway. Andrea Li, a local jewelry designer; her pieces are so intricate and beautiful. It so interesting because you wouldn't think she would come out of Denver; we are ready for people to discover her. We have tons of different designers and boutiques, including Garbarini, from Cherry Creek; we are excited to have them on board .We have local designers and designers from N.Y. and L.A.

What advice do you have for people starting out in the fashion business?

I was going to be a fashion designer and it didn't work out for me. I would tell them that what you put on the runway and what you create has to be a reflection of you. If you are trying to copy someone out there, you will not go too far. Try to find your niche, look through the magazines. If you love to design clothes for bands and musicians, go to concerts, travel. If you want to go into writing, you need to learn your designers, go to fashion shows and you will see things that are fresh and new. Do your research, be a part of the community of fashion -- it will help you figure out what you want to do.

Denver Fashion Weekend runs November 9-10 at City Hall Amphitheater, 1144 Broadway. Tickets are $20-$50, gt them online at

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