Look of the Day - Irish Gangster

Look of the Day - Irish Gangster

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Curious Theatre brings us a show by Martin McDonagh, the dark mastermind who wrote the recently released film In Bruges starring Colin Farrell. In his gruesome black comedy, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, McDonagh explores the life of a ruthless Irish Liberation Army Enforcer who was deemed “too mad” to be accepted into the Irish Republican Army. (Sounds hilarious so far, huh?) The show opens this Saturday, March 8, and will offer a pre-show “Taste o’ the Irish Party.”

Dress Code? Irish Gangster, of course.

As you can see from this publicity shot, the Irish Gangster is a deceptively simple look to pull off. Start out with a pair of distressed blue jeans, roll a pack of cigs into the sleeve of a plain, white t-shirt and throw on a pair of black army boots. Easy, right? But wait. There’s more. What sets the Irish Gangster’s look apart from your all-American tough guy is his incorporation of specific accessories -- namely, a small arsenal of assorted firearms and other weapons hanging from various holsters. This broguey rouge, Mr. Gene Gillete, star of the Curious’ production, also shows off his character’s softer side by carrying with him a cute and cuddly black kitty cat named Wee Thomas. It just makes him more approachable, don’cha think? Well, the cat and his set of movie-star quality cheekbones, I suppose. Purrr, indeed, Wee Thomas. Purrr, indeed.

Opening Night: Saturday, March 8. Irish booze, Irish food, Irish music. Dress Code: Irish Gangster. 7:00pm: Party in Mamie's (back room of Curious- 1080 Acoma in Denver) 8:00pm: Opening Night of THE LIEUTENANT OF INISHMORE followed by a Gaelic good time!

Call 303-623-0524 for tickets.

- Steven J. Burge

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