Mark Sink at Artopia 2015: Not Your Typical Street Artist

Artopia curator Jolt of Guerilla Garden is bringing a whole posse of local street artists to City Hall for Artopia 2015 on Saturday, February 21, where they’ll transform the venue with a show of art in action. But at least one of those artists — photographer, arts booster and Denver Month of Photography founder Mark Sink, a veteran of the scene who works tirelessly to lend support to the local and emerging artist community — might not look the part of a street-smart graffiti writer. 

He’s earned his cred in recent years, though, by masterminding MoP’s growing wheat-pasting campaign The Big Picture, which surreptitiously covers walls all over the city with images from photographers from around the world. At Artopia, he’ll be bringing The Big Picture indoors, and he’s not only stoked — he's also honored to work in Jolt’s company.

“Throughout the evening, I'm going to be wheat-pasting images on a big structure in the middle of the main dance floor and collaborating with other artists,” says the modest Sink, who hung out with Andy Warhol at the Factory decades ago and knows a thing or two about happenings. “It’s exciting for me to be asked by Jolt to partake in this year’s Artopia. It’s special because I see that the time and energy I’ve spent pasting up my work and the work of other photographers has been acknowledged by the community of street artists in our region.

“Jolt picked among the best of the local street-art crews, DJs and performers on the scene in Colorado, and it’s a real honor for fat old-guy me to be rubbing shoulders with such a top-flight crew of young talent,” he admits. “And I am always up for a great party! Seems this year they are letting some wild street dogs in the door to really make it an Artopia to remember.”

But for Sink, it’ll also be practice for the real Big Picture, a centerpiece of MoP, which is already gearing up for a constellation of photography exhibitions throughout the region in March. Stay tuned to for more about MoP in the coming weeks. And get your tickets for Artopia 2015 online while you can! 

Learn more about Mark Sink online. For a complete Month of Photography schedule visit the MoP website. 

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