Meet the 2014 MasterMinds: Kim Shively, multimedia

Westword has always covered the local arts scene. But ten years ago, we recognized that if the arts were really going to grow in those town, they could use some some fertilizer in the form of cold, hard cash. And so we created the MasterMind Awards, which every year gives no-strings-attached grants to five local artists and arts organizations; the 2014 class will be introduced tonight at Artopia.This year's MasterMind Award for multimedia: Kim Shively.

A video artist and technician who'll take on any subject matter, from Wesley Willis to Lucha Libre wrestling and enver's own Warlock Pinchers, Shively is her own production studio, both behind the camera and behind the scenes as K.A.S.H. Unlimited. Keep reading to find out more of what makes her a MasterMind.

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Westword: What's your favorite thing about the Denver arts scene? Kim Shively: My favorite thing about the arts scene here is its lack of ego and pretense.

How did you wind up a part of the Denver arts scene? I grew up in Colorado; I moved away a few times but always ended up back here. I had no "future plans" as a teenager. I was sort of lost. I realized I was happiest watching movies, so it seemed a logical thing to immerse myself in.

What should people know about what you do? I'm excited about my experimental talk show The Existential Beaver, which I've been making with Zach Spencer, Matt Slaby and Kevin Wesley (third episode to premiere soon). I'm also excited about the work I've been doing for the M12 Collective based in Byers. It's doing some really great, innovative art projects that incorporate video into larger narratives about landscape and rural life.

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