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Menswear Mondays: Student London Slaughter on his punk look

With its rough aesthetic, punk fashion demands attention on the streets. But there is also something very personal in the way that people create their outfits to suit their tastes. One prime example of punk menswear comes from London Slaughter, a local student who embellished his own jacket. Keep reading to learn where he shops, who inspires his style, and his favorite accessory.

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Name: London Slaughter.

Spotted at: Colfax Avenue and Broadway.

Profession: I'm going to the Community College of Denver to be a nurse. I'm trying to get into Emily Griffith to take basic CNA courses.

Favorite film: Horror films, a B-movie named Killer Klowns From Outer Space. The original Frankenstein and The Mummy are my favorites, because they are both played by Boris Karloff.

2013 jam: "Sound and Furry" by INFA RIOT and "This Charming Man" by The Smiths.

Style inspirations/icons: Keith "Monkey" Warren from The Addicts is a big inspiration in my whole life, actually, not just fashion. The Clash and The Ramones. The UK Subs. This band RIP from Mexico. Of course, Eskorbuto from 1978 in Spain. I like a lot of Mexican-punk.

Favorite color: It has to be black, the absence of color. I also like red and dark purple. Dark purple is my favorite color.

Favorite accessory: Rings and earrings.

Style mantra: I don't say anything to be inspired, I just am inspired everyday.

Shops at: I bought most of this outfit from Buffalo Exchange. I bought creeper shoes at Fashion Nation on 13th. Chaos for Cash in Las Vegas is good. In San Francisco, I like thrifts stores like Cheap Thrills and Wastelands.

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"I'm from San Francisco, and moved down to the city. Right now I'm learning drums and bass," says Slaughter. "I studded this coat myself with studs I bought online." Here you can see his attention to detail: Slaughter's coat is sprinkled with personalized buttons and pins, like that of the Joker. "I only wish there were more punks in Denver. Real punks," says Slaughter. Here he shows off his handful of skull rings -- his favorite accessory.

Style analysis: Slaughter is making a a name for himself within the Denver punk-rock scene with his standout fashion. He literally wears his interests on his sleeve: buttons that feature his style inspirations mixed with graphic paint spelling out favorite band names like INFA RIOT and Eskorbuto, mixed with with silver cones and pyramids. His mohawk hairstyle even fits the punk bill as he shops at places that support the booming punk scene: South Broadway and 13th Avenue.

When in doubt, wear your style icons on your sleeves, Denver.

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