More of the Same: Project Runway Recap

In anticipation of tomorrow night’s new episode of Project Runway (looks like there will be drama, drama, drama!), here’s a quick recap of last week’s antics:

In a challenge that Heidi Klum described as “thwee designers reinterpreting thwee outdated looks,” teams set out to make over the poodle skirt, overalls, shoulder pads and other fashion no-nos of the past.

With groups of disparate personalities working so closely, we were guaranteed some drama. Personalities revealed themselves — yes, we already knew that Ricky was whiny and prone to cry at the drop of a hat, but who could have guessed just how bitchy Victorya could be? And we all had a sense that Jillian had a signature style, but who knew how well it would lend itself to this challenge?

The final collections went from pretty cute and wearable (Jillian, Rami and Kevin) to total train wreck (Chris and Steven’s looks were terrible, but Sweet P actually pulled it together pretty well this time).

The biggest complaint I’ve heard voiced about this season’s challenges is that they have all require very boring, middle-of-the-road type work from the designers. Yes, menswear is challenging, but designing for TV requires pretty bland stuff. The work presented on Project Runway only really gets a chance to shine when the designers are forced to go way beyond their comfort zones, and this season has yet to require that. I couldn’t even tell you what my favorite look of the show this season has been since most of them are so unmemorable they have all blended into one big beige blob.

By the end of episode four, Chris had been “aufed” by the judges and though I’ll miss his commentary and good-natured personality, his looks were costumey and sometimes downright ugly. Although, they certainly weren’t any worse than Ricky’s (he’s a lingerie designer who couldn’t master a “lingerie as outwear” challenge, for god’s sake) and at least with Chris we had less sniveling.

What will tomorrow episode hold? Only time will tell, but I for one am hoping for something a little more cutting edge this time around.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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