Musician Dylan Lenz in the Menswear Street-Style Spotlight

Fashion is a business, but true street-style is an art. Street-style puts fashion back in the hands of the people, who can pull from looks around the world to express their own unique perspective. This week we spotted local musician, Dylan Lenz, on the streets of Capitol Hill...

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Lenz's style is inspired by Japanese punks, and bands like Framtid and Zyanose. He currently has two music projects: playing accordion for Denver-based folk-punk band Blind Man Deaf Boy and cutting a demo with hardcore band Choked Out, for which he plays bass. Lenz got this shirt from an Eye Hate God show at the Marquis Theatre three years ago. The tee featuring serial killer Charles Manson is aged to perfection, with holes here and there. Green is his favorite color: "I've always liked green as long as I can remember. I usually shop online or at shows," explains Lenz, whose favorite accessories are his band tees. The oxblood Dr. Martens, which complete Lenz's look, are from FashioNation.

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