New York Times: Cocaine is Back. We're Shocked, Shocked!

Cocaine -- it's back. No, seriously, the New York Times says so. According to the country's paper of record, blow is big in the club and fashion scenes. This. Is. Breaking. News.

Gasp! Say it ain't so. When should we starting wringing our hands?

Their source: The casual encounters section of Craig's List -- oh, and some girls who like how glam and fab they feel when they're high. See also: Any club anywhere. Seriously, when the runway and street fashions channel an era, you can be pretty sure that the drugs are having a resurgence, too. And we're pretty damned deep into the 70s and 80s revival.

Cat's favorite gag-inducing line:

"And like the red flash of a Louboutin pump, it is easy to spot."

The only good part of the story was the reference to travel blog Gridskipper and its March posts about the best clubs to find/do blow in NYC. Got a favorite place to bump in D-town? Email Cat your nominations.

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Amy Haimerl