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Reader: Gentrified Denver Is So F*$king Bland!

Reader: Gentrified Denver Is So F*$king Bland!
Juan Fuentes
Juan Fuentes takes photographs of what he calls “Old Denver” — tattooed cholos, lowrider cars, weathered faces from Denver’s urban Chicano diaspora, kids playing on the street — and captures an endangered culture threatened by the city's rapid gentrification.

What inspired this project?  "Walking around this city that raised me and noticing how much of it was disappearing," Fuentes explains. "Felt an urge to document."

That's just one of the answers he provided in our Colorado Creatives questionnaire this week, and his responses inspired more comments on the Westword Facebook post of the CC story. Says Aaron:
Great read!
Adds Josh:
Gentrified Denver is so fucking bland.
Responds Jasper:
But it smells more delicious now.
Comments Ian:
This piece on Old Denver reminds me of Old Westword. Back when it was a culture magazine. Before it became a clickbait machine. Nostalgic! Great interview.
Replies Lykos:
"Old Denver" was trying so hard to emulate La La Land. "New Denver" now spends its weekends whining about Cali transplants in the comments sections.
Concludes Leanan: 
All the places we knew are gone now.
What do you miss about Old Denver? What would you hate to see disappear? Post a comment or share your thoughts at Learn more about Juan Fuentes and see his work here.
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