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On Trend: Clear Fashion Is Clearly a Hit for Fall

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With fall right around the corner, we're starting to get pumped for the season's new looks. One trend is already clear: Transparent and see-through fashion is now being rocked by modern guys and gals alike, and has hit Denver in a major manner. Keep reading for more.

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See-through bags are everywhere this season. We spotted a pair at Lady Gaga's ArtRave concert at the Pepsi Center a few weeks ago. The first one belongs to Kelly Ann Salinas. "I love the comeback of transparent fashion," Salinas tells us. "It's super '90s." Michelle Fernandez, who was visiting from Florida, had a transparent alien head-shaped backpack of her own, only in green. Keep reading for more transparent fashion. We noticed Claire Emmons, a math tutor, rocking a transparent purse outside of Coors Field. "I like to see where all of my stuff is and I don't have to look for it," she explains. "I like to rearrange my stuff to see specific things. I like to have pops of color in there. It matches everything and that is cool. Clear is not really a color, but it adds a texture to the outfit." Note that pop of color from a pink lighter in her Clear Gear bag. We spotted David Giang, a full-time biology student at the University of Texas in Austin, wearing a clear UNIF hat outside of Beauty Bar. "A full-time shopaholic," Giang says that hats are his favorite accessories. "I have three clear hats -- two from UNIF and one from American Apparel," he adds. "However, I also think that watches and slight jewelry can be a good addition to an outfit if kept at a minimum." Giang sports clear fashion because "it's different and unique," he says. "You don't really see someone wearing something transparent, so when you do notice someone wearing clear fabric, it attracts your eyes because you're not really sure what you're seeing. Although the fabric may be clear, it differs. I also have a pair of clear shoes that, depending on my socks, can transform into another piece. It's not just red, or black, or one specific color, but it can change depending on what you do underneath the transparent piece of clothing. Clear accessories and fashion allow me to express my fashion style to another level -- and it looks so damn cool wearing it. " Our final clear fashion find is another UNIF hat, this one spotted on Andrew Caballero on 19th Avenue and Sherman Street. This is the same hat Giang has, just in an iridescent color scheme. The hat is constructed from TPU, a hybrid material that is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. "I feel like the '80s and '90s are coming back," says Caballero. "Clear was a trend then with Jelly sandals, fannypacks and backpacks, and now we are just taking it to the next level with clear hats and dresses and clear apparel in general, which is happening now. I like anything fun and like to try new things. UNIF is one of my favorite brands; I bought this hat the first day it came out online. Snapbacks are my favorite accessory, and this is my favorite snapback." If fashion is cyclical and moves in waves, then it's high-tide right now for the clear fashion trend of the 80s and '90s. Whether it's iridescent or straight-up classic clear, whether you work it into your attire or accessories, it's apparent that transparent is a hit.

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