On Trend: Flannel Is a Hit in LoDo and on Campus

Flannel is a fall fashion staple, and this week we have spotted the seventeenth-century textile all over the Denver streets. The fabric once worn by farmers, railroad workers and grunge rockers like Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the '90s remains on trend today. Over the years, flannel has transitioned from being a workman's shirt, built to endure the natural elements, to becoming go-to autumn piece for any Colorado fashionista. Flannel is versatile, durable and warm. Read on to learn how locals rock their flannel and why they like it so much.

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Dispensary trimmer Sarah May was spotted on 20th and Larimer streets in her red flannel. She wears flannel because "it's very comfortable and very Colorado," she says. "It's that perfect in-between layer. It's soft, warm, and cozy, but you're not wearing a parka. Always dress in layers. I like this one because of the lining." Don't let the flannel fool you: Red is not May's favorite color. "Teal is my favorite color. Red is a fun second," she says. "The red in the flannel matches my hair."

Who inspires May's style? "Luanna Perez-Garreaud always gives me inspiration on what to wear on her style blog, Le-Happy. If I could only wear one brand for the rest of my life, it would be Drop Dead, since I love the band Bring Me the Horizon," explains May.

"In terms of fashion, anything goes in Denver," says May, a transplant. "I have never felt like I can't express myself here. Denver is allowing me to try new trends and develop my personal style more, which I love."

Community College of Denver business student Jack Nelson was wearing a red flannel shirt when we spotted him on the Auraria campus. His motivation for wearing flannel: "It's easy to wear and I don't have to think about it in the morning," he says.

Keep reading to see more flannel on the 16th Street Mall!

"I bought mine from a thrift store back home," says Madeline Torero, a student visiting from Phoenix. A tucked-in flannel shirt with slacks and a belt can create a more business-casual look -- like the one this man is sporting. The versatility of flannel is a major perk -- because if it gets too hot, you can unbutton it... and tie it around your waist like this gentleman here. Whether you decide to dress up your flannel with slacks, dress it down with a graphic tee, tie it around your waist, or pair it with a cardigan or sweater, you have endless options. The shape-shifting fabric can be worn a multitude of ways and is great for layering in Colorado's climate.

This piece has become a fall fashion favorite for both men and women, available in tons of colors and plaid prints -- although red seems particularly popular this week. You can find flannel with history at a thrift store, buy it new at any department store, or borrow it from a friend. One thing is certain: flannel will stay on trend this fall.

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